Pete Hegseth Accuses Navy of ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Eddie Gallagher: ‘Didn’t Kill ISIS’ The Way They Wanted


Fox & Friends co-host Pete Hegseth accused the U.S. Navy of being “on a witch-hunt against” SEAL Team 7 operative Eddie Gallagher, who is currently being investigated for a 2017 war crime — murdering a teenaged prisoner of war in Iraq by repeatedly stabbing him with a hunting knife.

Hegseth made the comment Friday morning while discussing the news that another SEAL came forward this week to claim he was the one who killed the young Daesh militant, not Gallagher.

“Yet another reminder when you look at these cases what you hear in public is not always what happened in the fog of that situation,” Hegseth said. “There is a reason why the defense attorneys here for Eddie Gallagher felt confident going to court. They felt like cross-examining some of these other Navy SEALs, other Navy SEALs who feel pretty bad about the fact Eddie Gallagher plight go to prison for life for this.”

After Brian Kilmeade noted that the Navy is not dropping the premeditated murder charge and leaving it up to the jury, Hegseth — a former major in the Army — accused the U.S. military of smearing the accused SEAL:

“The Navy, in this case, is on a witch-hunt against Eddie Gallagher. He didn’t kill ISIS the way they want him to… We will see what happens. Ultimately, remember, this is an ISIS fighter who lost their life. I’m not saying that you should put a finger in the breathing hole of someone when they’re dying. Most of us have never been in this situation don’t know what these Navy SEALs are facing that day or any other day.”

“I’m with you,” agreed Kilmeade.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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