Prosecutor Announces Fraud Charges Against Avenatti: A ‘Corrupt Lawyer’ Who ‘Fights For His Own Selfish Interests’

Prosecutors in Los Angeles laid out the charges against Michael Avenatti, the boisterous lawyer known for his jabs and tweets against President Donald Trump, where he is being charged with bank and wire fraud.

These charges are separate from those brought by federal prosecutors with the South District of New York, where they say he attempted to extort Nike for a large amount of money for him and his client.

“The case is a result of two years of tax collections and investigative efforts by the IRS. The federal criminal complaints Mr. Avenatti with wire fraud and bank fraud and contains a series of allegations of payments and ugly picture of lawless conduct and greed,” U.S Attorney Nick Hanna announced.

“On his Twitter account, Mr. Avenatti describes himself as ‘Attorney, advocate, fighter for the good.’ But the allegations in this case describe something different. A corrupt lawyer who instead, fights for his own selfish interests by misappropriating close to $1 million that rightfully belong to one of his clients,” he continued.The complaint also alleges that Mr. Avenatti obtained bank loans worth of millions of dollars to fraud by submitting phony, personal income tax returns and other falsified information to the lending bank.”

Avenatti’s future is certainly different from last year, where there was a lot of buzz of him being a potential presidential candidate for 2002. He later declined to run. 

Watch above, via KABC in Los Angeles.

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