Rachel Maddow’s List of Fired Trump Officials Grows: ‘A Totally Normal Typical Tuesday’


Rachel Maddow‘s massive visual aid that includes the names of every Donald Trump official who has been fired, ousted, or left the administration grew on the “totally normal typical Tuesday” night with the addition of Rex Tillerson and others.

Maddow, who has been keeping track of the list for some time now, noted Tillerson’s outing is “still a mystery,” but his name “nevertheless” went on the board with the others. The leading anti-Trump cable news pundit noted “camera position” has changed to show viewers a “bigger wall” with more room to add a third column of names.

With the recent departures of Hope Hicks, Gary Cohen, and now Tillerson, even the longer-lasting names have been thrown on the wall, as Maddow explained:

“We had to add Hope Hicks, as she resigned from communications director, and Josh Raffel, as he resigned from deputies communications director — the one that worked for Jared and Ivanka. Then we had Jared and Ivanka’s other friend, the guy Trump put in charge as the Office of American Innovation — that guy Reed Cordish, he was out too in the last couple of weeks. Then we had to add the number two official at the Homeland Security Department, Elaine Duke.”

As Maddow noted, this was just another “totally normal” day in the Trump administration, so viewers can expect the list to grow in the coming weeks.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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