comScore Scalise ‘Dragging His Body’ to Escape: Mo Brooks Gives Harrowing Account of Shooting

Scalise ‘Dragging His Body’ to Escape: Mo Brooks Gives Harrowing Account of Shooting

Rep. Steve Scalise was shot at a GOP Congressional baseball practice Wednesday morning, after an unknown gunman opened fire on lawmakers. His fellow representative Mo Brooks witnessed the shooting in Alexandria, VA, and gave a dramatic account of the attack on CNN.

Brooks described the beginning of the shooting, as he stepped up to the base and heard a “loud bam.”

“And I look around, behind third base, behind the third base dugout, and I see a rifle,” Brooks continued. “And I see a little bit of a body and then I hear another ‘bam’ and I realize that there’s is an active shooter.

“At the same time I hear Steve Scalise over at second base scream, and he was shot.”

“The gun was a semiautomatic,” Brooks said. “It continues to fire at different people. You can imagine all the people in the field scatter.”

Brooks then ran to the “first base side of home plate.”

“I was lying on the ground with two or three others as gunfire continued,” he said. Brooks then “heard a break in the gunfire and decided to take a chance. Ran from home plate to the first base dug out,” for better cover.

“There were a number of congressmen and congressional staffers who helped us, lying on the ground. One of them was wounded in the leg. Took off my belt and myself and another congressman applied, I don’t remember who, a tourniquet to try to slow down the bleeding.”

Brooks said that two members of the House security detail began exchanging fire with the gunman.

“And there must have been 50 to 100 shots fired, hard to itemize them,” Brooks said. “Eventually it seems that the shooter shot both of our security detail people.”

Brooks said the congressman were “on their phones screaming for reinforcements,” but that is seemed “like a long time and we weren’t even hearing sirens from local police officers which tells me they probably didn’t yet know what was going on.”

As Brooks treated the injured staffer with a gunshot wound to his leg, he said “the shooter starts coming around home plate towards where we are.”

At that point, one of the security detail “took [the shooter] down,” according to Brooks.

Brooks said that once the gunman was down, the congressmen ran to the aid of Scalise, putting “pressure on his wound on his hip,” with the help of Rep. Brad Wenstrup, who is a physician.

Shortly after, police arrived, and a helicopter came to remove the wounded.

Brooks also described how Scalise was “not able to move under his own power” during the shooting and was “dragging his body from the second base infield, where it’s is dirt, to the outfield, to get away from the shooter while all this firing was going on.”

The congressmen were practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game, which pitches Republican and Democrat teams against each other to raise money for charity.

Watch the harrowing account above.

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