Ronan Farrow on Schneiderman Report: Accusers Say He Used His Power to ‘Threaten Them’


Ronan Farrow spoke out on Good Morning America on Tuesday about his explosive New Yorker report which forced the resignation of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Last night, Farrow and his colleague Jane Mayer released a report on four women who offered detailed, highly-disturbing accounts of Schneiderman’s abusive behavior and physical violence. Though Schneiderman insisted his actions were “role-play” and consensual, he also announced his resignation amid public condemnation and calls for an investigation.

Farrow began by talking with ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos about the reasons why Schneiderman’s accusers came forward after remaining silent for so long for fear of his power and influence.

“Any time you speak publicly about this kind of trauma and violence, especially in an intimate context which some of this was, its painful, it marks you. This was a brave thing that these women had to do. It was difficult for them, but also, in this case, doubly so because he is a power-player within their world. These are all women closely connected to the Democratic Party in various ways, and because they say he used his office and his power to intimidate and threaten them.”

As Mediaite founder and ABC’s chief legal analyst Dan Abrams went through the criminal charges Schneiderman could face, he noted with shock that the outgoing AG did not flat-out deny the allegations.

“By saying it was role-playing, you are, in fact, conceding ‘I did what they are saying but it was consensual,'” Abrams said. “So now, he kind of boxed himself in.”

Farrow followed up on Abrams point by reiterating the womens’ claims that Schneiderman’s behavior was not consensual, and that they were abused multiple times.

“These women one after another were adamant,” Farrow said. “This is not Fifty Shades of Grey. This was not in an area of grey at all in their mind. This was assault, over and over again.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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