Sam Nunberg Offers Advice to Trump: ‘I Would Highly Suggest’ He Does Mueller Interview


Following his insane media blitz last Monday following his announcement that he’d ignore a subpoena to appear in front of the special counsel’s grand jury on the Russia probe, former Trump aide Sam Nunberg eventually reversed course and testified on Friday. Following his GJ appearance, Nunberg said that he didn’t think the Mueller investigation was a “witch hunt.”

Nunberg showed back up on TV today, appearing on MSNBC to speak with host Alex Witt about his grand jury experience and his thoughts on the Russia probe. Reiterating his belief that the investigation is warranted because there is a “lot there,” Nunberg said he doesn’t believe it leads to the president. At the same time, he feels Trump needs to be transparent with the special counsel.

“The president is going to have to explain and the president has to do an interview, I would say,” he told Witt. “I would highly suggest that he does.”

Nunberg stated that Trump needs to explain why he fired FBI Director James Comey, especially since he first cited Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s memo when he canned Comey but then told NBC News’ Lester Holt it had to do with the Russia probe. Nunberg also noted that days after firing Comey, Trump met with the Russians in the White House.

“Then he has the Russians in the Oval Office and by the way, who the hell in that White House let that happen?” Nunberg exclaimed. “He was so ill-served by his staff. It was unbelievable.”

He went on to say that the interview with Mueller needs to be within the scope of Russian collusion, something he doesn’t think Trump did.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Trump’s legal team is trying to cut a deal with the special counsel regarding terms of an interview, asking that Mueller set an end date to the investigation in exchange for a sit-down with the president.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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