San Juan Mayor Trump Attacked Makes Statement With ‘Nasty’ T-Shirt

The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico that President Donald Trump has been beefing with decided to make a statement against the administration by wearing a t-shirt that read “NASTY” across the front — a way of re-appropriating the insult Trump used against her.

During a Spanish speaking interview with Univision, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz made a clear statement to the president with her self-owning shirt. This wasn’t the first time Cruz made a statement via clothing, as she also wore a “HELP US, WE ARE DYING” t-shirt last week as a way of pointing out the graveness of the island’s situation.

As Puerto Rico’s hurricane recovery process has gone on, Cruz and Trump have had a constant back and forth battle, as the two sides continue to publicly insult each other. Trump has attacked the mayor in a number of tweets and pressers by accusing of her of not working with the federal government properly, while Cruz has blasted the president in a number of TV appearances — even saying that the administration response to the island’s devastation is “killing” people “with inefficiency and bureaucracy.”

In an earlier interview, Cruz responded directly to Trump’s “nasty” remark by saying, “Actually, I was asking for help. I wasn’t saying anything about the president.

Cruz’s t-shirt is reminiscent of the “nasty woman” insult Trump hurled at his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton — and insult her supporters turned into a rallying cry. During the Women’s March in January, countless women wore similar t-shirts in opposition to the president.

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