Sarah Sanders Gets Highly Defensive Over Trump’s Mueller Tweets: POTUS Has Been ‘Attacked Mercilessly’


During today’s White House press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got a bit combative with reporters when pressed on President Donald Trump’s recent tweets in which he specifically called out Special Counsel Robert Mueller while calling the special counsel probe a “witch hunt.”

Asked what was behind Trump rage-tweeting and name-checking of Mueller, Sanders lashed out, stating that the president is obviously frustrated because the investigation is taking a long time and grabbing so much attention.

“Clearly, we have not been shy about the fact that there is frustration of this process,” Sanders declared. “We would like it to end quickly and soon and the president has contended since day one and will continue to do so, that there was absolutely no collusion between his campaign and any outside force or country and so I don’t understand why it’s hard for anyone to process.”

Sanders defensively continued, “If you had been attacked mercilessly and continuously day in, day out, every single second while you’re trying to work hard to do good things for this country and literally every day you wake up to the onslaught of people saying you’re there because of reasons that are completely false, that is frustrating!”

CNN’s Pamela Brown wondered aloud why the president won’t then push for the firing of Mueller if he honestly believes the whole thing is a witch hunt.

“We would like to this wrap up soon,” the press secretary responded. “We don’t think that’s the most productive step forward. We would like to see this come to a conclusion.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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