Scaramucci Explains Why Trump Resorts to ‘Hateful’ Rhetoric: It Stokes Up His Base

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci appeared on CNN New Day Monday morning and continued to call out the divisive rhetoric of President Donald Trump, though in the most passive, least threatening manner possible.

Scaramucci was on to provide his historically pro-Trump insight into the Commander in Chief’s political rhetoric, in particular, its relation to the hate and fear that appears to be underlying the deadly mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, at least as it appears in the manifesto the assailant left for those to read.

Anchor John Berman specifically asked about linking Trump’s language to the deadly shooting, to which Scaramucci noted “Well, there’s definitely linkage,” but adding “I think it would be unfair to blame the president.”

He then clarified that he was not a fan of Trump’s divisive language. “But he should not be using those words,” he said, adding “He is the leader of the free world. The country stands for these ideas, the first name of the country is united. It’s not disunited.”

Berman asked “Why does he do it?” to which Scaramucci noted the possible political benefit of divisive rhetoric coming from the White House:

“He would have to answer that I can only surmise that he thinks that there’s value to creating this sort of combativeness and this sort of combustibility. He thinks he’s value to his base, that it’s perhaps stoking them up. I think one of the fears that they would have if you look at the polling numbers that they have to get the base out with the highest level of participation possible. So he may be thinking that this sort of stuff is helping his base.”

Scaramucci followed by making it clear that he does not agree with that approach and that it would be far more politically beneficial if President Trump were to tone down this rhetoric in an appeal to moderate Republicans and Independents, instead of a base that will support Trump no matter what.

The former White House Comms Director then noted that the president’s “value system and the rhetoric does not outweigh the policies” that he espouses and that, if Trump continues with divisive and otherized rhetoric, he risks losing supporter of his once closest allies.

“But it’s former White House officials, former cabinet members, former people in the American military. It’s not just me. It’s not like I’m the only one. I may be the only one saying it, but trust me. There’s a large group of people. If he keeps it up, they’ll say the policies, they’re great but you know what? This sort of rhetoric and this sort of disunity sort of stuff is overpowering the policy.”

Watch above via CNN.

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