Scarborough Blasts Trump for Choosing ‘Cheap Political Shots’ Over Unity After Terrorist Attack

The morning after the deadliest New York City terrorist attack since 9/11, President Donald Trump used the incident to lash out at Democrats and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer — a move MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough condemned as a “cheap political shot.”

After Trump tweeted about Schumer helping “import Europe’s problems” and ramping up his “Extreme Vetting Program,” the host of Morning Joe lambasted this move as un-presidential:

And so here you have the president of the United States now… using a terrorist attack, when we should all come together, to take cheap political shots against members of the opposing party. Now is not the time. Now is not the place. And this is not what Americans need from their president, not just this president, but any president. We need somebody that can bring us together in these times.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski also called out Republicans for attacking the opposing party on the issue of terrorism, as just last month many in the GOP condemned Democrats for bringing up gun control immediately after the Las Vegas shooting. “After mass murderers and attacks with guns, Republicans often say now is not the time to politicize this this… Yesterday their president jumps on any opportunity, usually not based on facts, to divide,” said Brzezinski.

“New Yorkers are strong, New Yorkers are resilient, and our spirit will never be moved by an act of violence, an act meant to intimidate us,” she added.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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