Seb Gorka Reportedly Banned From Entering White House Before Resignation Went Public


Over the weekend, former presidential deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka pushed back against reports that he was forced out of the Trump administration. Speaking to Breitbart News on Saturday, Gorka — a former Breitbart editor he appears to be heading back to the conservative outlet — said that he had decided to resign a week before, citing President Trump’s Afghanistan speech as the reason.

However, based on emails obtained by MSNBC host Chris Hayes, it looks like the arrow is pointing to Gorka being fired.

After highlighting Gorka’s comments about his exit from the White House and noting that the former presidential aide pointed out that The Federalist reported on his resignation first, Hayes then brought up the emails he had gotten a hold of on Monday.

Showing when the emails were sent, which was an hour before the Federalist story hit, the All In host stated that “there was already an order from the White House security system not to let Gorka into the building.”

The emails warned security staff at the White House that Gorka may still have a pass on him and that he should not be allowed on the premises. Hayes went on to reveal that his program had spoken with two ex-White House staffers who told them that this email didn’t seem like it would be sent in regards to an “employee who was voluntarily departing.”

“This does not prove that Gorka was fired,” Hayes stated. “But he’s definitely not allowed back.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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