Sen. Ben Sasse to Colbert: There Should Be a Congressional Investigation into Ivanka’s Private Emails


Senator Ben Sasse visited with Late Show host Stephen Colbert in the promotion of his book Them. 

Almost immediately the subject of Ivanka Trump’s use of private emails for government business came up, in the context of a similar story of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Colbert politely confronted the Nebraska Senator “in 2016 you called Hillary’s emails a serious matter that deserves our serious attention. Same here?”

An easy-going and unflappable Sasse pointed out that “Secretary Clinton was using classified information on a private server that she denied having,” before admitting that he didn’t know what was going on with the Ivanka story or if she had classified information on her private server. If she did, in Sasse’s opinion, “it’s a big deal.”

Colbert showed some world-class journalistic chops by following with “and how would you find out the particulars of the story, perhaps with a congressional investigation? ” to which Sasse  said “sure.”

Sasse then admitted that he didn’t know the particulars of this story but, mentioned how the three branches of U.S. government work to check and balance one another. Colbert asked “How has that been going the last two years, the check and balance thing over there? Because it sounds like a lot of check. i think we lost the balance somewhere along the line. “

Sasse laughed and admitted the think we all know too well,  saying “the Congress doesn’t work well.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CBS.

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