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Ben Sasse

‘His Scalp Might Be Good For Free Speech’: Twitter Reacts to Maher Dropping the N-Word

‘I’m A House N*gga’: Did Bill Maher Cross a Line During Ben Sasse Interview?

GOP Sen. Ben Sasse Says He Has No Idea What GOP Stands For Today

Sen. Ben Sasse on Twitter Pics of Senators: Looks Like We Were ‘Smoking Reefer’

GOP Senator Comments on Trump/Comey: ‘I’m Not Sure How This President Makes Lot of Decisions’

Comey: WikiLeaks Produces ‘Intelligence Porn,’ Not Real Journalism

GOP Senator Ben Sasse: Biden Would Have Beaten Trump ‘In a Landslide’

‘Putin’s Thugocracy is in Full Display’: Ben Sasse Calls For U.S. to Back Russian Protestors

Senator Ben Sasse Wins $5 After Gorsuch Says ‘Bigly’ At Hearing

Senator Ben Sasse Suggests Hackers Have Targeted Him for Criticizing WikiLeaks

CNN’s Dana Bash Slams Trump-Blumenthal Fracas: ‘My Kindergartner’ Is More Mature

Sasse: Gorsuch Says ‘Any Attack on Brothers and Sisters of the Robe Is an Attack on All Judges’

Steve King: Putin Does Allow Freedom of Dissent, He Never Murdered Prominent Critic

‘There is No Moral Equivalency’: GOP Senator Says He Doesn’t Know What Trump’s Doing With Putin Comments

‘It Isn’t About a Man…’: GOP Senator Encourages John Lewis to Come to Inauguration

Vox Earns Mockery For Just Discovering That There Are Wars in ‘Star Wars’

Hannity Angrily Rants to GOP Senator: Assange Hacked DOD When He Was 16, What Have You Done?!

‘Oh My’: GOP Senator Calls Out Hannity for Tweet Praising WikiLeaks

FBI Director Comey Says ‘There Is No Evidence’ Hillary Clinton Broke The Law

Anti-Trump GOP Sen. Went Ahead and Tweeted Out Tom Petty’s ‘I Won’t Back Down’

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