Sen. Dick Durbin: Trump Impossible to Bargain With On Immigration, ‘People Around Him Are Very Hateful’


Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) visited CNN’s Newsroom on the Wednesday morning that followed 2018 midterm elections and discussed with host Jim Sciutto how a new political landscape will affect legislation.

With a newly Democratically held House of Representatives, many political experts are lauding a return to checks and balances on an executive branch, while others are worried that a raft of unfair and Democratic-led investigations will grind any legislative progress to a halt.

Chief among political issues surrounding the 2018 midterms was the complicated sets of issues surrounding illegal immigration and border security.

Sciutto brought up a potential deal with President Donald Trump asking the Illinois Senator “one possible offer of compromise or at least has been talked about is Democrats give trump the money he wants for the wall and in exchange for DACA legislation. Is that a deal that the Democratic Party would be willing to make?”

Durbin did not demur in his answer, saying “It’s a deal we offered and was rejected by the White House. ” He continued, “and many of us thought it was hard to explain why it would be for this crazy wall, a 19th-century answer to a 21st-century problem but the president was demanding it.”

“We were willing to suck it up on the democratic side but he rejected it,” Durbin added, before offering a stunning critique on White House negotiating style.

“He is virtually impossible to bargain with,” he said of Trump, adding “He has people around him who are very hateful.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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