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Sen. Scott Brown On Reelection Worries: “Whatever Happens, Happens”

Republican Senator Scott Brown revealed to 60 Minutes that he was the victim of sexual abuse as a child. In the extended interview last night with Lesley Stahl, Brown was asked whether he believes these revelations will be politically harmful to him in the future, to which he responded “whatever happens, happens.”

Whether voters might be turned off now, Brown says “no I don’t think so, I think people will recognize the honesty.” And if people do change their opinion of Brown, he hopes it would only be for the better in that “they’ll look at me and say ‘wow, he’s one of us.'” Given that Brown believes such psychological abuse is widespread amongst Americans, but rarely discussed by its victims, his courage to speak out now should only be rewarded. And although most voters will not vote for or against Brown on this one personal story alone, it seems like his humanizing tale would only serve to ingratiate him in the eyes of the public.

Watch the clip from CBS below:

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