Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace Battle in Fiery Clash Over Blaming Trump For Bombs: ‘Nobody Did That Chris!’


Fox News’ Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace got into a heated clash this afternoon over heated political rhetoric in the context of the bombs sent this week by a deranged man who, based on the stickers on his van and his social media posts, was a big Trump supporter.

Wallace said earlier today that it’s ridiculous to try and blame President Donald Trump or any political figure for the bombs when it’s the bomber who was solely to blame.

Smith, however, argued, “You just can’t ignore the politics of all this even if you wanted to.” He noted the suspect targeted people who have been targets of Trump’s rhetoric.

Wallace said you can’t draw a link to Trump on this, noting the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot Republicans at a congressional baseball practice last year.

He called the suspect a “twisted person” and said millions of other people aren’t taking the President’s rhetoric to then go and do this. Smith shot back that the rhetoric clearly isn’t helpful when you consider that crazy people might get “empowered.”

“What difference does it make, Shep?” Wallace asked. “It’s a twisted individual and to hold President Trump responsible––”

“I didn’t hold President Trump responsible, Chris,” Smith fired back. “Come on now.”

“That’s the clear implication,” Wallace said.

“Let’s be fair, Chris,” Smith said. “The rhetoric from the podium, the ‘CNN sucks’ chants, the ‘lock her up’ chants, it doesn’t bring unity.”

He argued that doesn’t automatically connect to bomb threats but “to ignore the elephant in the room is just, you know, it’s a fool’s folly.”

Wallace again scolded Smith for holding Trump responsible in any way for this, to which Smith said, “No one did that, though, Chris, and don’t say I did. All I said what when the rhetoric gets loud, the crazies come out sometime.”

Wallace told Smith he’s pushing an unfair cause and effect “that doesn’t exist,” and suggesting a link is “dangerous.”

“History will decide what the rhetoric has done in this society,” Smith said.

The segment did close on cooler terms with the two — who normally engage in friendly banter each Friday — wishing each other a good weekend.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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