SNL Takes on Ralph Northam Blackface Controversy


SNL did not steer clear from the blackface controversy surrounding Virginia governor Ralph Northam and the state’s Attorney General Mark Herring during their latest show.

Instead, they hit it hard and early.

In an early clip, Kenan Thompson played a government official who asked — after the room came to an agreement that the state’s  Lt. Governor should resign — if those in the room had every worn blackface.

“Does it count if we did it all the way back in 80’s?” one person in the room asks.

“What if the blackface was just part of your costume as a black person?” an official seated in the room chimes in.

There was also a question about if it was worn for a contest.

Northam wore blackface to dance as Michael Jackson in a contest during the 80’s.

“I was wearing shoe polish on my face,” one official admits, another reference to Northam’s press conference admission.

By the end of the sketch, it seemed every Virginia official in the room had a blackface story from the 80’s  or the 90’s of their own.

Watch above, via NBC

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