Stelter Calls Out Conway’s Dossier Claim: Don’t Spread ‘Misinformation’ on My Show


There may be no better word to describe Brian Stelter’s interview with White House Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway than “doozy.” Lots to unpack in what was a wildly entertaining debate that covered many hot button topics in today’s news. One of the more interesting parts came when the conversation predictably turned to Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference, possible collusion, and the Steele Dossier that has become a political lightening rod.

Oddly, it was Ms. Conway who first brought the dossier up, saying “we’ve got multiple investigations through Mr. Mueller, through congressional Senate committees and CNN itself has been so hot on Russia, Russia, Russia, on the dossier.” She then added, “CNN’s been obsessed with this dossier over a year now and now that we know the DNC and Clinton campaign paid the same firm for said dossier which is completely unverified.”

“That’s misinformation that you’re spreading on my program and I don’t appreciate it,”  Stelter pounced, adding “much of the dossier — you said the entire dossier is unverified.” This continued to into a back and forth with Stelter got the better of by claiming “The dossier has been verified and when you say it’s unverified, you mislead the American people. Carter Page confirmed another part of the dossier Friday.”

Right-of-center opinion hosts like Tucker Carlson, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity have typically referred to the dossier as “completely debunked” so credit to Conway here for a more nuanced “unverified” though the modifier of “completely” understandably raised Stelter’s eyebrows.

It is true that parts of the Steele Dossier is unverified and parts of it are verified, so Stelter is absolutely correct in calling out Conway’s misinformation (or lying) on national television in a manner that benefits her side of the story.

In many ways, this was ground zero in the current narrative battle between nearly two-thirds of a nation who disapprove of the current Trump administration, and the 33% of America who still approve of the current White House (at least according to a recent Gallup Poll.)

Conway gave as good as she got in this very compelling interview. But in this exchange, Stelter was the clear winner on points.

Watch the segment above, courtesy of CNN.

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