comScore MSNBC Guest Says ‘Sh*tty’ on Air, Gets Scolded by Anchor Stephanie Ruhle

MSNBC Guest Says ‘Sh*tty’ on Air, Gets Scolded by Anchor Stephanie Ruhle

Dear MSNBC morning guests — don’t curse live on the air. That’s the message Stephanie Ruhle delivered today after her interviewee let a naughty word slip.

Towards the end of a discussion on the recent House passage of the American Health Care Act and how it will impact businesses if made law, health care tech executive Jonathan Bush used a bit of blue language while explaining why the AHCA won’t negatively impact potential employees of small businesses. (Ruhle had noted that business owners might pass up on women and older workers due to insurance costs.)

“Anybody who’s foolish enough to miss out on a woman because she’s going to have a baby in their workplace is going to have a shitty company,” Bush exclaimed. “Nothing about this law changes that by much other than hairs.”

Ruhle immediately jumped in to chastise her guest. “Johnny, Johnny, there’s nothing appropriate about cursing at 9:00 in the morning on television either,” she lectured Bush. “So I’m going to apologize on your behalf.”

After wrapping up the interview, Ruhle once again apologized to the viewers at home for Bush’s swearing.

“And to our audience, apologies again,” she said. “No cursing allowed.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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