Student Climate Protesters Storm Field and Interrupt Harvard-Yale Football Game


In New Haven, Connecticut on Saturday, students from both Harvard and Yale took to the field at halftime to stage a “sit-in” protest over climate change. When it came time for the game to resume the students remained on the field, getting a lot of media and online attention.

Shouting things like “Hey hey, ho ho, fossil fuels have got to go,” the students held up signs accusing their respective schools of being “complicit” in “climate injustice.”

TIME reports that when it came time for the game to resume, officials began making announcements over the PA system: “As a courtesy to both teams, the game must resume.” New York Post sports columnist Joel Sherman tweeted a photo and said that many of those who streamed on the field to join the protesters left voluntarily, but some stayed.

Eventually, after an hour delay, the game resumed.

The protest group Divest Harvard took credit on social media. The students said they disrupted the game over fossil fuel and Puerto Rican debt holdings.

“We ar Demanding” Harvard and Yale “to divest from fossil fuels,” wrote the Ivy League students.

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