‘Take it Down!’ Morning Joe Refuses to Air ‘Liar’ Trump’s Latest Tweet Claiming Voter Fraud


As Morning Joe covered Republican allegations of voter fraud in Florida, President Donald Trump was tweeting.

“The Florida Election should be called in favor of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis in that large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere, and many ballots are missing or forged,” Trump tweeted Monday morning. “An honest vote count is no longer possible-ballots massively infected. Must go with Election Night!”

Joe Scarborough read a few words of the tweet, before stopping himself: “You know what, no. We’re not going to read — Just take it down. What a liar. He’s lied about Arizona, he’s lying about Florida.”

“Take it down,” Mika Brzezinski said.

“And again the crazy thing is the Republicans are going to end up winning Florida and he’s still lying about it,” Scarborough said.

Trump’s tweet came after a scathing segment in which Scarborough and Brzezinski condemned an old pal, Rick Scott, the governor of Florida and likely the state’s next senator.

After playing a contentious interview from 2016 in which the Morning Joe crew grilled Scott on Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric, Brzezinski tied his Trump-loyalism to the current election issue.

“Scott is making unsubstantiated charges of fraud in this election,” Brzezinski said. “Scott is trying to undermine the legitimacy of the election for himself.”

“Rick Scott is acting as political, as peevish and as reckless as his friend Donald Trump,” she continued.

“He’s lying everyday,” Scarborough added. “Those lies will follow Rick Scott to the United States Senate for six years.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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