The Five Rips Obama On Leno: Looks Like He’s ‘Auditioning To Play Commander-In-Chief In Hollywood’

Eric Bolling returned to The Five Wednesday and opened the show with a scathing critique of President Obama‘s appearance last night on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Bolling and his co-hosts battled over whether the president’s late night appearance displayed the proper “leadership” qualities for a Commander-in-chief and mocked his stories about playing basketball and celebrating his birthday in this time of heightened terror alerts.

While Greg Gutfeld didn’t think it was fair to go after Obama’s vacations since “every president goes on vacation,” he did agree that his “priorities” were out of whack. “I get it,” Gutfeld said, “it’s great to have an entertaining president who can go on Jay Leno, he can do children’s birthday parties. But right now, America doesn’t need an entertaining president, they need a charmless jerk.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle pushed this narrative one step further, saying that instead of playing basketball on his birthday, “How about issue a statement or have a press conference? Act like you’re responsible, that you’re not auditioning to play Commander-in-chief down in Hollywood, but you actually want the job and are serious about terror.” She suggested that Obama “move the White House” to Hollywood where perhaps he’d be more comfortable.

Standing up for the president, Bob Beckel was incredulous, asking, “What should he be doing, making new keys for the embassies? Seriously.” He said it was “just fine” for Obama to play golf and basketball.

The panel also took on Obama’s comments about the NSA, in which he said, “we do not have a domestic spying program.” On this point, Gutfeld had Obama’s back. “I thought President Obama was incredibly reasonable last night when discussing the NSA and I think if you replaced him with George Bush, nobody would be complaining, because George Bush would have said the same thing.” He called any of his co-hosts who thought differently “hypocrites.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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