comScore The Late Show Pokes Fun at CNN's Live Debate Drawing Hype

The Late Show Pokes Fun at CNN’s Live Debate Drawing Hype

The Late Show opened up on Wednesday night with a mock ad poking fun at CNN’s live debate draw event. The actual CNN event, scheduled for Thursday night, will decide the line-up for two nights of live debates and will air during a special episode of Anderson Cooper.

After showing an ad calling the live draw an “unprecedented event,” The Late Show writers took liberties with an ad of their own suggesting ideas for a dramatic, pre-draw special with some unusual ways to decide the line-ups.

Calling it the “Draw Draw,” the announcer opened by saying the event will show “how we draw for the draw.”

The screen then flashed to Wolf Blitzer decked out only in tighty-whities and slathered in honey.

“Whoever sticks to his chest is on the first night, on his ass the second,” the announcer declared.

Next up was Chris Cuomo sitting on eggs, John King strapped to a wheel, and David Gergen walking a tightrope perilously above knives.

“It’s all happening on CNN this Wednesday on the Draw Draw,” the announcer then hyped as the mock ad came to a close.

Watch above, via CBS

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