The View Defends Chris Matthews After MSNBC Resignation: ‘There’s a Difference Between Flirting and Rape’


The View called Chris Matthews a victim of cancel culture as they talked about his forced departure from MSNBC amid multiple controversies.

On Wednesday, The View talked at length about Harvey Weinstein being sentenced to 23 years in prison for his rape and sexual assault convictions. As the panel talked about the background of the disgraced film mogul’s crimes, Joy Behar eventually invoked Matthews as a contrast to Weinstein since the former MSNBC host left the network after being accused of making sexist comments to women.

“I don’t think he touched anybody and didn’t intimidate anybody, but he said to a girl ‘you look gorgeous’ or something, and I think could fall in love with you,” Behar said.

“They felt he sexually harassed them,” Sunny Hostin noted. This prompted Behar to note that Real Time host Bill Maher recently protested Matthews’ firing by attributing it to “cancel culture.”

“I was thinking, why is it that a girl would not like that or a young woman would not like somebody saying ‘I can fall in love with you?'” Behar said. “It’s flirting. That’s what it is. It’s flirting. And sometimes you don’t want to be flirted with by some old guy you don’t know.”

Hostin countered that that “can also feel like harassment,” but Meghan McCain agreed with Behar by saying “there’s a difference between flirting and rape.”

“There’s a scale,” McCain elaborated. “There is a difference between inappropriately flirting – which was totally wrong and I agree it was inappropriate – and then a serial rapist.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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