The View Rips Trump’s ‘Disgraceful’ Putin Presser: He ‘Gave the Middle Finger to America’


On The View on Tuesday, the hosts naturally discussed President Donald Trump‘s summit and subsequent presser with Vladimir Putin, as well as his own tweets about the reaction.

Following the disgraceful news conference, co-host Meghan McCain became the latest top conservative in media to offer their tough criticism. But the line of the day definitely went to Whoopi Goldberg — who delivered some tough talk in the beginning of the segment.

“You know who tweeted that any criticism coming from the ‘fake news’… is fake,” she began, and then read the tweet aloud where he attacked critics of the speech as “fake news.”

“Listen man, we saw you, we heard you, it was live. You can’t pretend like you didn’t say it, that somebody else said it,” she said. “You said it, you stood next to that man and said it and gave the middle finger to America.”

Sunny Hostin added, “it was so disgraceful to watch I just couldn’t get over it.”

They then discussed whether this would change anything, and McCain listed conservatives — including those on Fox News — who were criticizing Trump over the presser.

With regard to Sen. Mitch McConnell‘s (R-KY) statement that Russia is not our friend, Whoopi offered skepticism.

“You say it repeatedly but you don’t mean it, you see,” she said. “Because if you meant it you guys would have stood up to him on this ages ago.”

McCain essentially agreed.

“I want Republicans to rage against this,” she said.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of ABC.

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