The View Tries to Make Sense of This Trump-Conway Mess: ‘Was It Worth It?’

The View had a laugh on Wednesday as they talked about the contentiousness surrounding President Donald Trump and the Conway family.

Whoopi Goldberg opened the discussion by saying Trump’s back-and-forth with George Conway would be a great premise for the next big cartoon show, though Abby Huntsman joked that that “would be giving too much credit to cartoons.” The panel continued to discuss how the Twitter feud affects the Conway family’s dynamic, and whether George crossed the line by getting “personal” with his wife’s boss.

“Someday, their kids are going to grow up and read all this stuff on the Internet and be like, ‘How weird were my parents?'” Meghan McCain wondered. “I feel bad for their kids. I also think that they just have a really bizarre relationship…I couldn’t be married to someone who was publicly slandering my job and my life every day.”

Goldberg went on to suggest that the Conways might want to consider family therapy since “I don’t think airing your stuff every day publicly is a good idea.” The panel expressed similar concerns about the Conways’ family drama being blasted outside of their private lives, and McCain ended the segment by wondering if this is really “worth it” for anyone in this scenario.

“I just want to know if this is worth it them, if this has been worth it, working in the White House for President Trump during possibly only a four-year term,” McCain asked. “Was it worth it to rip your family apart for this? Because it wouldn’t be for me.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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