‘There’s No Plan B’: LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Makes Plea for College Football’s Return on Fox News


LSU football coach Ed Orgeron made his plea for college football to return in September, saying his team has “no Plan B” on Fox’s America’s Newsroom Tuesday morning.

Orgeron joined a growing list of top college coaches which includes Alabama’s Nick Saban and Clemson’s Dabo Swinney advocating that college sports should return. Some players have also pushed for the season to continue with the hashtag #WeWantToPlay, prompting President Donald Trump to take their side.

“I do believe that we do have the best protocol for our players,” Orgeron said of the SEC. “Our players feel safe on campus. We only have a few players that are sick right now. They get the best care. Our players want to play. I do believe the SEC wants to play.”

Orgeron said he’s had one player request to sit out the season so far amid Covid-19 concerns. Last week, a group of Pac-12 players threatened to sit out if their season continued while other programs have sat out practices around their concerns of a return. Only one Power 5 conference, the Big 10, has reportedly rescheduled its season, though it’s not official yet.

“We do believe that we need to play,” Orgeron said. “And I do believe that at the end they’re going to see that the medical people can tell us we can play. We’re going to compete for our players.”

“If you don’t play, what’s plan B?” Fox anchor Sandra Smith — who ran track at LSU — later asked. “Does it get delayed further? Do you play in the spring, or do you not play at all?”

“There’s no plan B here at LSU, ma’am,” Orgeron said. “We’re going forward ahead.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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