Tapper Rips ‘Media Complicity’ in Weinstein Scandal: ‘Assault and Rape on Their Hands’

CNN’s Jake Tapper has been very outspoken in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein bombshell sexual misconduct scandal, especially when it has come to slamming the media for being complicit in providing cover for the Hollywood mogul.

During an interview with NBC News’ Ronan Farrow regarding Farrow’s New Yorker blockbuster on Weinstein’s history of sexual assault, the CNN host went after tabloids and other outlets who smeared a woman who accused Weinstein of assaulting her in 2015.

“You mentioned earlier the smearing of the Italian model who went to the police after he allegedly assaulted her,” Tapper told Farrow. “I want to talk to you about the media complicity in this outrageous story.”

Tapper went on to highlight a 2015 New York Post cover that dragged the model, Ambra Gutierrez, pointing out that it was just one of many media attacks against Gutierrez during that time. (The New Yorker recently published audio of Weinstein admitting to Gutierrez that he groped her breasts.)

“They have assault and rape on their hands, in my view,” Tapper declared.

The two men would also discuss why Farrow had to go to the New Yorker with his huge story rather than have NBC News run it, with Tapper asking Farrow what’s the truth regarding how reportable the story was when presented to NBC. Farrow referenced what NBC News is now claiming while noting that in his interview last night with Rachel Maddow, he was confronted with a question he didn’t expect when he told her she’d have to ask NBC executives why they didn’t go with it.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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