Tom Brokaw: Fox News is ‘On a Jihad’ to Protect Trump


Legendary anchorman Tom Brokaw took a hard swing against Fox News this morning, during an appearance on a Morning Joe panel led by Mika Brzezinski.

Brokaw said President Donald Trump watches Fox News because it “reinforces what he believes,” citing how they’ve handled the Russia probe as an example.

“Fox News, after Shepard Smith, in the late afternoon, is on a jihad right now on the whole question about whether there is a fairness about this or not,” he said. “The whole assault is on the institutions.”

Newt Gingrich looking in the camera and saying the FBI is a corrupt organization, right? Three months earlier he had said Bob Mueller is one of the great, distinguished public servants we have.”

Note Brokaw’s charged language here, going as far as to use the word “jihad.” He wasn’t finished.

“We’re at war here and it’s gonna be sorted out in the final analysis,” Brokaw continued.

He also took the network to task for their continued coverage of Uranium One, noting some Fox anchors, Smith among them, have absolutely refuted the claim that Hillary Clinton had the authority to sell weapons-grade uranium to Iran. Still, Brokaw said, their opinion programs have persistently carried the torch for the ginned up controversy.

Brokaw, who has never been overtly political, coming from a different age of reporting, has previously bristled at Trump’s attempts to damage American institutions, such as the press, and his seemingly overt praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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