Tom Brokaw Imitates Mitt Romney’s ‘White Man Overbite’

Lack of sleep can make anyone go a little batty. Seasoned broadcast veteran Tom Brokaw appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and did a hilarious impression of one of Mitt Romney‘s trademark facial tics — the “white man overbite.” Prior to Brokaw’s imitation, the other panelists were discussing what the Republican hopeful had to do to corral conservative supporters.

“They’ve got to figure out to gently nudge the conservatives into their corner without looking like it’s forced upon them,” explained Chuck Todd. “The more you force this, the more you see the conservative voter say, ‘Hey, no, no, you can’t do this to establishment.’ There’s the reason the Tea Party arose. Got to be very careful not to sort of force this. They’ve got to organically force it, if you can do both at the same time.”

“I have not seen that dance step from the Romney campaign,” Brokaw observed. “I mean, that’s a really slow move, and he tends to go one way and crashes into the wall and goes out or you know, he goes out and does the white man overbite!”

Brokaw’s imitation cracked up the entire Morning Joe crew.

“Oh, my gosh!” co-host Mika Brzezinski exclaimed.

“Wow… this is the recipe — one part little sleep, huh?” Todd quipped.

“Everyone’s just a little bit tired,” Brzezinski observed.

Watch Brokaw’s impression below via MSNBC:

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