‘Totally Missed The Boat’: Fox Host Slams DeSantis For Ignoring Working Class Issues to Rage Against ‘Woke Mind Virus’


Fox News host Jessica Tarlov joined Outnumbered on Thursday and injected some feisty counterpoints into the show while discussing a variety of topics, as she does when co-hosting The Five from the “liberal” chair.

The show kicked off with a discussion of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s (R) 2024 presidential announcement on Twitter the night before. Tudor Dixon, the 2022 GOP nominee for governor of Michigan, knocked DeSantis for not doing a live event.

Dixon argued it was “unusual for someone who talked so much about Covid and being locked behind screens. And then he decided to have an announcement behind a screen, in fact, one that we couldn’t even see his face.”

“Also, this is someone who has been criticized for not being able to connect with people. And so that announcement is a time when you have all of your supporters around you. We see how much people love you. We want to see you interacting with people. And he didn’t do that,” Dixon concluded.

Co-host Emily Compagno then brought up DeSantis’s appearance on Fox News after the event and discussed the issue of debates with Tarlov.

Tarlov eventually moved the conversation back to DeSantis’s Twitter launch and noted, “I was on yesterday with Martha talking about this and I thought, you know, there are 271 million people that are roaming around Twitter. Maybe this is smart. They can chop it up. Right? He’ll get great soundbites out of this.”

“And, you know, he can have a rally next week or he can have a rally tomorrow night. You know, our our time is skewed in this digital world, right, where maybe it doesn’t matter,” Tarlov added, noting she was optimistic before the event.

“It obviously was a complete disaster,” she then argued, adding:

And hearing that Twitter didn’t even check to make sure that they could handle, you know, 600,000 people or whoever tried to get in and out of the gate. Obviously, that dwindled down, reflects very poorly on Twitter.

The big thing for me, and obviously Ron DeSantis is not my candidate of choice, but he has a lot in his biography that he could have played up that he chose not to when he came on with Trey Gowdy.

And Trey is a wonderful interviewer, gave him a glowing biographical opening and wanted him to talk about his military service. And instead of doing that, he pivoted right away to gender ideology problems in the military, not talking about why he served, what it means to wear the uniform, things that are going to resonate with other veterans.

He has a working-class background. Working-class people don’t talk about the woke mind virus, ESGs Bitcoin, and, you know, whatever George Soros is going to do to ruin the country. They want to hear about what your policies are, how you’re going to lift people up who are farmers, who are policemen, who are teachers, etc..

“And I thought he just totally missed the boat and they’re out there bragging about their million dollars. Joe Biden, he was widely criticized, certainly on the right and by some Democrats for launching with a video. He raised $6.3 million from 96,000 individual donors on the first day. And Ron DeSantis wants a victory lap about $1,000,000,” Tarlov concluded pulling no punches in her analysis.

The conversation then turned to anchor Harris Faulkner who took a different perspective and argued that whatever shortcomings the Twitter announcement may have had, DeSantis will make up for it with his many scheduled upcoming events in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Watch the full clip above via Fox News.

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