Trevor Noah Mocks Sam Nunberg: If ‘Fergie’s National Anthem Was a Person’


On Tuesday night, Trevor Noah had some fun at the expense of former Trump aid Sam Nunberg for his bizarre media blitz earlier this week.

The Daily Show host mocked Nunberg for “snitching” on the Trump inner circle like when he said that President Trump “did something pretty bad,” that Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are “crooks,” that Carter Page “colluded with the Russians,” that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a “terrible press officer,” and accusing Corey Lewandowski and Hope Hicks of having an affair.

“I know the stereotype is that women gossip, but every man who works for Trump keeps proving that stereotype wrong,” Noah said. “Think about it, Scaramucci, Bannon, and now Nunberg — these guys are like human WikiLeaks! The women though, they keep their sh*t on lock. Like Kellyanne Conway never snitches. Yeah, you actually leave interviews knowing less than when you started. Sarah Huckabee Sanders — Fort Knox. Hope Hicks? She was Communications Director and we never even heard her speak!”

Noah called Nunberg’s numerous TV appearances “extremely erratic” as if “Fergie‘s National Anthem was a person.” He also ripped Nunberg for doing a complete 180 by offering Special Counsel Robert Mueller his password to his email account.

“So after five hours of a verbal car chase, it just ended with Nunberg offering Mueller his password,” Noah continued, “which, let’s be honest. It’s either ‘Password123’ or ‘Nunberg69.’ One of the two.”

He concluded by questioning if Nunberg’s cooperation to the Russia investigation is “necessary anymore” since Mueller can just rummage through his DVR.

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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