Trish Regan Blasts Trump Impeachment as ‘Hostile Takeover’: Democrats Want to ‘Dehumanize Conservatives’


Fox Business host Trish Regan stoked fears about the upcoming public impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump, equating them to a “hostile takeover of the government” while claiming the House Democrats’ true intent behind the investigation is “dehumanizing conservatives.”

Starting her Tuesday show with a long ran against the impeachment, Regan focused her ire on House Intelligence Chair and favorite right-wing bugbear, Rep. Adam Schiff.

“We are just hours away from Adam Schiff’s big dream. He’s planning to be center stage in a movie he has been attempting to script since 2016,” Regan said. “He’s attempting to be the chief storyteller in this fictional charade to sabotage President Trump and simultaneously ravaging this great country.”

Regan then pointed to the November issue of The Atlantic, which has as it focus “How to Stop a Civil War,” and claimed vindication for unleashing a bizarre, dystopian monologue last month that attacked the left and warned about “emotional civil war with violence that will spill into our streets.”

“We don’t need to be in this divided place. Of course, when Trish Regan says it the mainstream media goes bonkers. Saying it’s ‘insane warning of violence in the streets,'” Regan complained. “The bottom line is we are in a very bad place. Thank you, Adam Schiff, thank you, Nancy Pelosi, thank you The Squad. There is a total lack of tolerance on the left.”

“If we do not respect one another, if we don’t respect our institutions of government, we have no cohesiveness, we have no spirit, we have no economy, we have no country. This is exactly what our enemies want, divide and conquer,” Regan warned. “Adam Schiff, who is apparently a little stuck in his wannabe, Hollywood crime-thriller movie-writer role, is selling America out. For what? For what he thinks is political glory. It’s not going to get him very far. This hostile takeover of the government is not going to succeed. One, because Americans recognize it for what it is.”

In fact, a majority of Americans — 51% — support holding impeachment hearings to investigate if Trump abused his power by extorting a public investigation of Joe Biden out of a foreign power. And before the public hearings have begun, a plurality — 49% — already support voting to impeach the president.

“Adam Schiff can continue to try and write this horror movie, or Americans, we can take our country back. The left’s attempt to dehumanize conservatives, to dehumanize the middle of this country, it is very deliberate,” Regan said, without mentioning one high-profile political figure who has publicly condemned some Republicans as “human scum” for choosing to oppose Trump.

Watch the video above, via Fox Business Network.

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