Trump Hits Back at Fox’s Dana Perino, Threatens to Release ‘Thank You’ Card from Her


As we all know by now, Donald Trump never misses an opportunity to hit back at any public figure who dares publicly speak ill of him. It took him a few days, but the real estate mogul-turned-GOP-presidential candidate finally had something to say about Fox’s Dana Perino blaspheming Lord Trump in the wake of his rambling 50-minute announcement speech.

After no response from Perino, Trump took it a step further on Monday and tweeted this:

In case you forgot why this is all happening: During an episode of The Five last week, Perino laid into her co-host Eric Bolling for his thick praise of Trump while also tweeting with the celebrity mogul about maybe possibly one day appearing on Celebrity Apprentice. “Covering up for him is actually wrong,” Perino said of Bolling’s Trump-love, ever-so-subtly hinting at a conflict of interest.

According to our own sources at Fox, Trump is referring to a thank-you card allegedly sent to Trump by Perino after he publicly praised her book And the Good News Is…: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side.

Indeed, he did send these two tweets back in April:

And for good measure:

Ah, the good old days.

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