Trump Lavishes Praise on Hannity, Other Fox News Hosts During Interview: ‘Patriots’ Who Get ‘Great Ratings’


President Donald Trump called into his favorite Fox News media haunt on Wednesday night and indulged in a long lovefest with host Sean Hannity while bashing as “disgraceful” a press corps that has “lost credibility.”

“Outside of you and a few other great people, I call them patriots, actually. But you’re not really patriots as much as you want ratings. You’re getting great ratings, Sean, last night you had tremendous — I heard the speech got you fantastic ratings,” Trump said.

“Oh yeah, they were massive,” Hannity said, interrupting Trump’s boasting with lavish praise. “It was simple, I just showed up.”

“You and Tucker [Carlson] and everybody else having to do it and you did it. It was a great evening,” Trump continued. “When you have the lies and the frauds committed by the other networks, many of the other networks, you look at what’s going on, it’s disgraceful.”

Trump went on to claim his tweeting was necessary to counter-program news reports whose facts don’t comport with his view of reality. “I do it because when somebody says an outright lie on MSNBC or CNN, both of whom are really suffering in the ratings, which is really interesting — it’s incredible. They have lost credibility. When they put out lies, I can counteract those lies and have many more followers than they do,” he said.

Later in the so-called interview, Hannity all but begged the president to stay on the line so he could wish fellow Fox News primetime host, Laura Ingraham, congratulations on her birthday.

“Mr. President, Mr. President, I hate to interrupt you, but I actually took 15 minutes of Laura Ingraham’s show…It’s her birthday sir. I thought you might want to know that,” Hannity cheerily explained. “Happy birthday from me,” he then told Ingraham, before effectively beseeching Trump to do the same live on air: “and, I think, the president would like to wish you a happy birthday.”

“Happy Birthday, wow, that’s great. Congratulations on your show, it’s a big success,” Trump replied. “Thank you both. You’re great patriots, you love our country, and you know what’s happening. And I really appreciate it, and so does everyone else.”

Watch the videos above, via Fox News.

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