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Trump Salutes Pence for Dodging Tough Query From Fox News: He Talked for Five Minutes and Didn’t ‘Touch’ the Question


President Donald Trump credited Vice President Mike Pence at the daily coronavirus press briefing on Wednesday, billing him a “great professional” over entirely avoiding to answer a question from Fox News’ John Roberts in a five-minute answer.

Pence speaking to those Americans who are uninsured in the country, stated, “I fully expect, I think as the president does, too, that we’ll see more of that for people that have insurance. We’ll continue to provide flexibility for Medicaid, for people that don’t have insurance and we’ll make sure that medicare has the flexibility to meet this moment, for seniors when we remember that seniors with underlying health conditions are the most vulnerable to serious outcomes from the coronavirus, but we’ll get through this using the full weight of the federal government and the full strength of the American economy.”

Trump then stepped into credit Pence for entirely avoiding Roberts’s question, billing his vice president as a “great professional.”

“John, I think it’s a very fair question, though, and it’s something we’re really going to look at because it doesn’t seem fair. If you have it, you have a big advantage, and at a certain income level, you do,” Trump stated.

“I think it’s one of the greatest answers I’ve ever heard because Mike was able to speak for five minutes and not even touch your question, so I said, that’s what you call a great professional.”

“Let me just tell you, you really are — it’s really a fair question, and it’s something we’re looking at,” Trump added.

Roberts responded to Trump, “In terms of a fair question or not, I always endeavor to ask fair questions.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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