comScore Trump Says He Is ‘Just Very Proud’ of Death Count in Puerto Rico

Trump Says He Is ‘Just Very Proud’ of Death Count in Puerto Rico

In an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera, President Donald Trump continued his praise of the “just 16” person death count in hurricane devastated Puerto Rico.

When meeting with the Puerto Rican governor earlier today, Trump brought up the number of deaths in Hurricane Katrina to point out that the federal government had handled the Hurricane Maria disaster well — saying the island territory didn’t have a “real catastrophe.” In the Fox News interview, he continued this line of thinking:

“I’m just very proud of the fact — you look at just one statistic, 16 deaths. That’s a lot of deaths, far too many deaths. If you look at Katrina, they had in the thousands, and this was a storm the likes of which nobody has ever seen.”

However, since giving this interview, the official death toll in Puerto Rico has risen to 34.

He also dinged Puerto Rico over their financial issues, saying, “Look, [Puerto Rico] had a lot of problems and a lot of debt, they had $72 billion in debt before the hurricanes hit and they had a power plant that didn’t work before the hurricane.”

Additionally, Trump brought back one of his favorite insults for women he doesn’t like — “nasty.” The president used the term in reference to the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico who has been outspoken in both the delay and manner of federal aid to the devastated island — he also famously used the term “nasty woman” against Hillary Clinton during a presidential debate.

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