Trump Slams CNN for Botched Reporting: ‘Oh, Thank You CNN! Thank You So Much!’

On Friday night, President Trump slammed the media for a string of inaccurate reports involving the Trump campaign during the election.

At a rally in Pensacola, Florida, which is roughly only 25 miles outside of Alabama where GOP candidate Roy Moore is fighting for the Senate seat, Trump told the crowd he was going to speak “straight to the American people,” and “cut right through the fake news media.”

“Did you see all the corrections the media’s been making?” Trump asked. “They’re saying, ‘Sorry, we’ve made a––they’ve been doing that all year! They never apologize! Maybe that comes with being the president. I don’t know. I don’t know. They’ve been apologizing left and right.”

He then went after ABC News’ Brian Ross for falsely reporting that then-candidate Trump ordered Gen. Michael Flynn to contact Russia during the election. Ross made a “clarification” and was given a four-week unpaid suspension.

“They took this fraudster from ABC. They suspended him for a month- they should have fired him for what he wrote,” Trump insisted. “He drove the stock market down 350 points in minutes, which by the way tells you they really like me when you think of it. And do you know what he cost people? And I said to people- get yourself a lawyer and sue ABC News. Sue ’em.”

Trump then ripped CNN for it’s botched report that WikiLeaks gave Donald Trump Jr. access to hacked DNC emails before they were released to the public back in September 2016. They have since corrected the story.

“And then CNN apologized just a little while ago,” Trump continued. “They apologized! Oh, thank you CNN, thank you so much! You should have been apologizing for the last two years! True, true.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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