Trump Says NY Times Might Have Fabricated Anonymous Op-ed: ‘Totally Corrupt’


Towards the end of his 46 minute interview with Fox & Friends, President Trump opened fire on The New York Times for the kazillionth time because of the anonymous op-ed they published weeks ago from a supposed senior official in his administration.

The op-ed was a major bombshell last month since it described an internal government resistance that works to undermine Trump in certain ways while containing his volatile tendencies at other points. When asked if his administration was close to figuring out who the writer might’ve been, Trump blasted off with a “fake news media” tangent and suggested that the Times might’ve completely manufactured Anonymous by writing it up themselves.

“There is a chance – I don’t say it’s a big chance – but there is a very good chance that was written by Times and if it wasn’t, it would be a low level – thousands of people are qualified for that heading – and he Times said, we did scrutiny and we found out who this person was. That means it is not a major player because they know all the players, they know who they are. I wouldn’t be that surprised because The Times is totally corrupt and dishonest.”

Steve Doocy tried to ask again if the White House is or is not trying to determine the writer’s identity. Trump responded by bashing the paper some more, and he tried to have it both ways by saying “It could have been The New York Times, probably wasn’t, but it could have been The New York Times.”

After that, Ainsley Earhardt conducted some real tough journalism by asking how frustrating this is for Trump and how he overcomes it.

Naturally, this gave the president a chance to drag out his frequent claim that the “fake news” media almost always makes up sources when conducting critical reporting on him.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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