Tucker Carlson Blasts ESPN Following Jemele Hill Controversy: ‘Endless Stupid Political Nagging’

Let’s face it. As soon as you saw the whole brouhaha over SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill calling President Donald Trump a “white supremacist” on Twitter, you just knew that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson would be all over it. And this evening, he didn’t waste any time as he made it the lead story on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“You probably thought ESPN stood for entertainment and sports programming network,” Carlson noted at the top of his program. “Increasingly it looks like endless stupid political nagging.”

The conservative commentator then brought up the statement ESPN issued in response to Hill’s tweets, reading off the entire statement before dismissively waving it off. “Whatever that means,” he added.

He then turned Fox Sports Radio host and vocal ESPN critic Clay Travis — who was the one who broke the Robert Lee/ESPN story — for his take on the whole thing. And, as one would expect, Travis used the time to go slam the network for being a bastion of left-wing politics and hostile to conservatives, while trying some more to make his “MSESPN” nickname for the sports network stick. (See, he’s comparing it to MSNBC and MSNBC is for liberals and, yeah, you get it.)

Meanwhile, Carlson claimed that the Worldwide Leader was sounding more “like the sociology department at Bennington College” and that the network is “so out of touch with America.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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