Tucker Carlson Blasts Trump on Immigration: ‘What Was The Point of Running for President?’


On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson opened his show with harsh criticisms of President Trump for his televised bipartisan meeting on immigration at the White House.

The Fox News host called the meeting a “weird scene” because it was a departure from Trump’s campaign rhetoric in 2016 and that now he was making a deal with the “swamp creatures” he accused of “wrecking the country” and that he would sign any deal that makes it to his desk, “even a bad one.” He slammed the president for initially agreeing with Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) when she proposed handling DACA separately from everything else.

He continued:

“It was a completely different Donald Trump from the one we watched on the campaign trail just two years ago… In 2016, Donald Trump ran on the premise that America’s borders ought to be real. That the repeated amnesties of the past have betrayed voters and that this country deserves an immigration policy that looks out for American interests rather than those of foreign countries… Congress is full of people from both parties who believe that the point of our immigration policy is to provide cheap labor to their donors and to atone for America’s imaginary sins against the world. They couldn’t care less about immigration’s effect on you or your family. Yet these are the same people the president now says he trusts to write the immigration bills, the one he will sign no matter what it says. So what was the point of running for president?”

Carlson noted that Trump has skills of “being a negotiator” but asked, “Where were they today?” He also accused Democrats of wanting to “import more Democratic voters” and added that granting amnesty to DACA recipients is the “only leverage the White House has.”

He then compared being a Trump voter to being a Chicago Cubs fan. It’s “not easy,” but “there’s pride” that “fashionable people consider insane,” but despite the “disappointment and embarrassment” you put up with it because when they “finally win the World Series” it’ll be “worth everything you went through.”

“In the Trump presidency, the World Series is this immigration bill. It’s the big payoff, the whole point of the exercise,” Carlson continued. “And they’re not allowed to blow it.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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