Tucker Carlson Claims the NSA Leaked His Emails to Journalists ‘In An Effort To Discredit Me’


Tucker Carlson claimed that the NSA leaked contents of his private emails to journalists, during a Wednesday morning appearance on Mornings With Maria.

Carlson alleged last week that the National Security Agency had monitored his private communications, which, if true, would be a massive scandal. Carlson’s claim has been met with skepticism. And curiously, his bombshell allegation was mostly ignored by the rest of Fox News in the days that followed. So Carlson’s appearance on Fox Business with anchor Maria Bartiromo is notable.

The interview opened with the Fox prime time host recapping his previous allegations. Then, he made some news.

“Yesterday I learned, that — and this is going to come out soon — that NSA, leaked the contents of my e-mail to journalists in an effort to discredit me,” Carlson claimed. “I know this because I got a call from one saying ‘oh, this is what your e-mail was about.”

“So, it is not in any way a figment of my imagination,” he continued. “It’s confirmed, it’s true. They are not allowed to spy on American citizens — they are — and I think more ominously they are using information they gather to put leverage to threaten opposition journalists, people who criticize Biden administration happening to me right now, I think shocking I don’t think we should put up with it in a free country.”

“It is worse than shocking,” Bartiromo concurred. “It’s the stuff of banana republic, third world countries.” She then added, “Tucker, there is no other one who saw these emails and this whistleblower relayed to you exactly what was in your communication there is no way anybody else could have seen those e-mails?”

“There was one other person who knew I sent that e-mail, and it was my executive producer Justin Wells, that’s it, and I didn’t mention it to anybody else, including my wife. There is no possibility that anyone else could have known then again yesterday I go if the a call before air like 7:15, from a journalist I know and like, not many left, but do I like this person he repeated back to me he got it, because the NSA leaked it, so, yes, entirely real.”

Watch above via Fox Business.

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