Tucker Carlson Clashes With Guest on Immigration: What I’m Hearing Is ‘You’re Dying, We’re Gonna Replace You’


Fox News host Tucker Carlson continued his trend of fear-mongering about immigration tonight, particularly on the issue of the birth rate in America, telling his viewers that the message to them is “you’re dying, we’re gonna replace you.”

“You are saying our low birthrates are a justification for immigration,” Carlson said to former DNC communications director Luis Miranda. “I’m saying our low birthrates are a tragedy that say something awful about the economy and the selfish stupidity of our leaders.”

He continued:

“I’m not demonizing anybody. I’m not against the immigrants. I’m just for the Americans. Nobody cares about them. It’s like, shut up, you’re dying, we’re gonna replace you. And it’s deeply– Anyway we are out of time I hope you hope you will come back. I enjoyed that conversation.”

Earlier in the segment, Carlson expressed concern that young Americans can’t “afford to get married and have children” and can’t “afford to buy homes and cars and their solution.”

“The elites’ solution, is, ‘We’ll just bring in new people.’ What about the Americans, the young people, the 30-year-old American who can’t afford to have kids? Does anybody care about that person? Maybe there is a real problem — I never hear that person addressed ever.”

Carlson also noted that his “concern is for my fellow Americans,” rather than immigrants, and condemned the idea of “import[ing] new children” to push back against declining birthrates.

“Those are not mutually exclusive things,” replied Miranda.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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