Tucker Carlson: DNC’s Fox Ban is Part of Global Plan by Left to ‘Crush Dissent’ as ‘CNN Applauds’


For his opening monologue on Thursday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson addressed the announcement by the DNC that they will be excluding Fox News from hosting Democrat primary debates ahead of the 2020 election.

Carlson, obviously, took issue — and not just with the decision, but with other networks like CNN offering no objection.

Carlson began by pointing out that CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was barred from a White House event last year, and that despite CNN’s attacks on Fox News, the network defended Collins.

“As an organization, CNN has relentlessly attacked fox News over the years,” On the other hand, reporters ought to be allowed to ask hard questions of public officials. Executives here at Fox didn’t hesitate; They loudly came to Kaitlan Collins’ defense. So did Special Report anchor Bret Baier. So did this show.”

Carlson showed a clip of his defense of Collins. He then brought up CNN reporter Jim Acosta, and noted that Fox signed an amicus brief on his behalf when he was banned from White House briefings. “Fox News stuck to principle,” he said. “Even awful people ought to be allowed to cover the White House.”

Carlson said that at Fox they really believe that “free expression is bigger than any one person or organization,” and that “CNN and MSNBC do not believe that.”

He explained that Fox is being excluded from the DNC debates and showed a clip of DNC Chair Tom Perez talking about it to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. The DNC made the announcement after the New Yorker published an article calling Fox a propaganda outlet for Trump. In the clip, Perez builds on that, saying that Fox “at the top levels” consult Donald Trump “before they do anything.”

“That’s a lie and everyone in the news business knows it’s a lie,” said Carlson. “Our news anchors don’t consult Donald Trump or any other politician before asking their questions. They didn’t in 2016, they don’t now, they never will.”

Carlson focused then on CNN, and particularly Brian Stelter, whom he called a “eunuch”, and Ana Navarro, whom he called a “ubiquitous windbag.”

“You’ve figured out the game by now, it’s all projection,” said Carlson. “Whatever they accuse you of is exactly what they’re doing, every single time.”

He said that they accuse Fox News of rigging debates, which it hasn’t, but that CNN’s Donna Brazile fed a debate question to Hillary Clinton in 2016. “CNN tried to cover it up, then they got caught.”

“Somehow their media reporter kid forgot to mention that scandal,” he said. He said that CNN’s Jeff Zucker is an openly partisan Democrat who has floated the idea of running for office, but no Fox executives have.

“When CNN says this network should not be allowed to host a Democratic debate, what they’re really saying is that disagreement shouldn’t be allowed,” he said.

Carlson said that this all part of a larger effort by the far left to “crush dissent” around the world “as CNN applauds from the sidelines.” For examples, he brought up charges brought against far-right French politician Marine Le Pen and alt-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos being banned from Australia.

“What you are watching across the west is a new form of social control,” said Carlson. “It’s modeled on the vast system of surveillance and punishment that American tech companies have helped design for China’s fascist regime. Step out of line and you will feel the pain big tech closes your social media accounts, your bank drops you, PayPal won’t allow you to earn money online. Amazon bans your books. You can’t travel abroad. You’re a nonperson.”

“CNN won’t say a word about any of this. They haven’t. They cheer. ‘You’re a bigot,’ they’ll say, ‘motivated by hatred.’ They seem to have no idea they’re describing themselves,” Tucker concluded. He then brought in The Hill’s Joe Concha, to discuss the idea further. That interview is here.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News Channel.

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