Tucker Carlson Torches the Koch Brothers: Conservatives Should Rethink If They’re Really ‘On Their Side’


Fox News host Tucker Carlson took a torch to a pair of the Republican party’s top donors on Wednesday night: Charles and David Koch.

Carlson’s evolution from Koch defender to critic has been documented on this site, in a thorough piece by Caleb Ecarma. Carlson took his opposition to the billionaire brothers a step further Wednesday night with a lengthy monologue that first laid out the vast breadth of their wealth and political influence.

The Fox News host did argue that the Kochs and their family (“who by the way are very nice people”), “have been grotesquely and repeatedly maligned by the media,” which has “convinced many conservatives that the Kochs much be on their side.”

“In the case of the Kochs, conservatives might want to pause and rethink the relationship,” Carlson continued, before laying out the billionaires’ instances of conservative heresy.

“They are… totally opposed to most conservative policy goals,” he said. “The Kochs are libertarian ideologues, passionate and inflexible. America first? The Kochs find the very notion of that absurd, if not fascist. An economic policy that seeks to strengthen families? The Kochs denounce that as ‘crony capitalism,’ or ‘picking winners and losers.’ They think it’s immoral and they’ll tell you so. Controlling our borders? The Kochs consider that racist.”

Among their other sins include supporting amnesty for Dreamers, pushing Republicans to “join the left in going soft on crime” by supporting the First Step Act and backing the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act.

Carlson even took aim at President Donald Trump‘s tax reform: “The Kochs helped craft the 2017 tax cut, that turned out to be far better for corporate America than it was for the American middle class.”

“There’s nothing surprising about any of this, or illegitimate,” Carlson said. “It’s what many rich liberals believe. It’s just not what most Republicans believe. And that’s a problem, given that the Kochs are the single most powerful figures in the Republican Party.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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