U.S. Park Police Officers Reassigned Pending Investigation Into Beating of Australian News Crew in D.C.


Two U.S. Park Police officers have reportedly been reassigned pending an investigation into the attack on an Australian news crew in Washington D.C. amid protests on Monday.

In a statement on Wednesday, the U.S. Park Police acting Chief Gregory T. Monahan said, “As is consistent with our established practices and procedures, two U.S. Park Police officers have been assigned to administrative duties, while an investigation takes place regarding the incident with the Australian Press.”

The Channel 7 Australian news crew was caught on film being attacked by two police officers in riot gear, Monday as authorities cleared the area ahead of President Donald Trump’s controversial visit to St. John’s Episcopal Church — which had been set on fire by protesters the night before.

One officer used a shield to hit the cameraman in the stomach, while another hit reporter Amelia Braceon in the back with a baton as she ran away.

After Braceon and the cameraman retreated, Braceon told Channel 7 viewers, “You heard us yelling there that we were media, but they don’t care. They’re being indiscriminate at the moment.”

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for an investigation following the attack.

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