Australian Gov Officials Reportedly Believe Trump is Prepared to Strike Iran

WATCH: French President Macron Calls Aussie PM’s Wife ‘Delicious’

Australian PM is Asked About Country’s Strict Gun Laws in Joint Presser With Trump: ‘We Are Very Satisfied’

WATCH: Insane Three-Day Long Brawl Aboard Cruise Ship Forces Families to Hide in Cabins

U.S. Tennis Star Slams Media After Alt-Right Tweets Discovered: ‘You’re Hastening The Hell You Wish to Avoid’

SUV Plows At Least 15 Pedestrians in Melbourne, Australia (UPDATE)

WATCH: Australian Lawmaker Proposes to Partner on Parliament Floor During Gay Marriage Debate

Watch This Australian Politician Deliver a Bizarre Rant on Gay Marriage and Killer Crocodiles

Australian Leader Responds After Trump Call Leaks: ‘I Stand Up For Australia’s Interests’

Twitter Reacts: ‘Absolutely Horrible’ Transcripts Were Leaked…’My God They’re Terrible’

Trump Spars With Australian Leader Over Refugees: ‘I Hate Taking These People’

An Australian Reporter Had the Best Trump Takedown Yet — and Twitter is Going Nuts

‘I Thought I Might Die’: Pilot Tells Passengers to ‘Pray’ After Mid-Air Engine Explosion

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Attack Near Melbourne, Australia

John McCain: Vladimir Putin is a Bigger Threat Than ISIS

Trump: ‘Of Course the Australians Have Better Healthcare Than We Do –– Everybody Does’

‘Ghoulish’: Australian Company Turns IVF Embryos Into Jewelry

Australian Rapper Allegedly Tried to Dine and Dash on $621 Bill by Running into the Ocean

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Cancels Australian Tour After Backlash and Accusations of ‘White Supremacy’

Trump Accuses ‘Obama People’ of Leaking Details of Australia and Mexico Calls to Press

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