‘Very Reassuring’: CNN Panel Gives Trump Plaudits for His ‘Tone’ During Presser Today

After President Trump‘s joint presser with the Secretary General of NATO today, CNN’s Jake Tapper led a panel about it on The Lead.

Tapper brought up “the evolution of President Trump” on foreign policy matters and asked what stuck out from that press conference.

Former Congresswoman Jane Harman said, “Trump’s tone, the fact that he stuck to his message, and didn’t veer off at all, the civility of the whole thing.”

She brought up how NATO members were “terrified” of this administration before, given what he said about NATO being “obsolete,” but the fact that he has now changed his mind on that “is a big deal.”

Tapper said Trump’s presser today “might reassure” European allies, and American Enterprise Institute’s Danielle Pletka agreed, “I think that this press conference overall was very reassuring.”

Tapper did note that it’s possible Trump may end up changing his mind about NATO and Putin at some point in the future.

Watch above, via CNN.

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