Bernie Sanders Praises Trump Summit with Kim Jong Un: ‘That is a Very Good Thing’


During Monday night’s CNN town hall, 2020 Democratic primary hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders offered rare praise for Donald Trump, as the president meets with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

Blitzer brought up the summit, taking place this week in Hanoi, Vietnam, to ask Sanders whether he would meet with the North Korean dictator were he president.

Sanders, who had moments before been criticizing Trump for being “concerned” about Venezuela, said that he would.

“See, now, after all of the nasty things I said about Trump, let me say a good thing here, all right?” Sanders began. “Is I think — look, nuclear weapons in the hands of a brutal, irresponsible dictator is a bad idea, and if Trump can succeed, in fact, through face-to-face meetings with Kim Jong Un and rid that country of nuclear weapons, that is a very good thing.”

Sanders pressed on into the audience silence.

“So I think that the idea of going and meeting face-to-face with your adversaries is a good idea,” he said. “I would like the president of the United States to bring Iran and Saudi Arabia together, to bring the Palestinians and the Israelis together, all right?”

At that point the audience applauded the Senator, and he wrapped up by saying if Trump succeeds, then he did well.

“So I wish the president the best of luck,” he said. “This is a very important issue. And if we can get nuclear weapons out of the hands of Kim Jong-un, that would be a very good thing.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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