WATCH: Brooke Baldwin Clashes With CNN Commentator Matt Lewis for Calling Ted Cruz Restaurant Protesters a ‘Mob’


CNN’s Brooke Baldwin pushed back a bit this afternoon when panelist Matt Lewis criticized the liberal “mob” that recently protested Ted Cruz at a restaurant.

As Baldwin spoke with her guests about the Brett Kavanaugh fight and a gender gap issue for Republicans in a new poll weeks before the midterms, Mary Katharine Ham noted that people may be underestimating how much Republicans were fired up as a result of the Supreme Court battle.

Lewis agreed and said while Democrats were already motivated and angry, Republicans “needed the excitement, the passion, the energy.”

And now they do, he argued, because of the “overreaction of the left.”

“When you see people like Ted Cruz getting chased out of restaurants by a mob…” he started to say.

Baldwin then said, “Oh, you’re not going to use the mob word here.”

“It’s totally a mob,” Lewis said. “It is without a doubt. There’s no other word for it.”

“Stop, stop,” Baldwin responded. “A mob is what we saw in Charlottesville, Virginia two Augusts ago. A mob is not what we saw chasing––I’m not saying what they did was right.”

“What about the people who were at the Supreme Court banging on the walls?” Lewis asked. “What do you call that? Civil protest? Or is that a mob? I think it’s easily a mob.”

Ham added, “And if it were tea partiers, we’d call it a mob for sure. Come on, let’s be serious.”

Baldwin jumped to another issue after saying, “Let me move past the m-word.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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